Bridge to the Future Program

Building Connections for Women through Mentoring

Portlandia’s Bridge to the Future mentoring program builds strong relationships, creates connections for the present and future, and provides mentors who can provide coaching and support for women in college who are preparing for a career and the next step in their lives.

Partnering with Portland State University’s Center for Women’s Leadership, Portlandia Club provides scholarships to the Club for accepted applicants. The candidates are juniors or seniors in college and are alumnae of the National Education for Women’s Leadership of Oregon (NEW), the award-winning women’s development program. This program educates and encourages outstanding college women to develop paths towards leadership.

Recipients of the mentorship scholarship will receive:

  • Club membership at not cost for one year
  • Club membership at 50% of membership fee the second year
  • Subsidized lunches and events
  • A Portlandia Club mentor
  • Ability to apply for a scholarship for books

Portlandia Club has the following expectations of mentees:

  • Attend a minimum of four lunches
  • Attend one After Hours event
  • Attend a New Members Reception
  • Assist at the team level for a hands-on view of non-profit work, networking and Club mission
  • Have the opportunity to attend a Board meeting

For more information on becoming a mentor, or for applying as a mentee, please contact:

Kate Bodin (Team Lead),, (503) 327-3100