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Kat Ulrich

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Keller Williams
Property & Real Estate Services
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Wonderfully Imaginative Zestfully Abundant Radiant Diety
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I teach Qigong, working on expanding my locations. I do energy work for homes and people, and I work to raise my vibrational frequency so that I can help others to raise theirs. I am an aspiring artist and I am a licensed real estate agent.
Sept 16
2 yr computer science, professional cert. interior design UCSB, studied art at UAA. Wait, there's m
I know that everyone wants more love. Everyone! I know real magic, and qigong, and more!
Making friends, walking, running, traveling, singing, camping, eating, shopping, painting, reading, beaches, forests, oh there is plenty of room here. Interests are more fun than education and knowledge? I am interested in learning and expanding my knowledge of all that is.