Cindy Luxhoj

Cindy Luxhoj

Member Since: 2017

Job Title: Associate Planner

Job Description: An experienced professional, I have a demonstrated history spanning nearly 30 years of working for nonprofit organizations, private consulting firms, and public agencies in the areas of rare disease, urban and regional planning, and natural resources. My skills also include event planning, public speaking, and organizational management, and my diverse interest and expertise encompasses education and literacy, urban and rural green spaces and natural areas, land use planning and stewardship, and artistic expression and personal visioning, to name a few. On a quest to continually improve myself and expand my horizons, I thrive on discovering new pursuits and passions to enrich my life and inspire me to do good in the world.

My Industry: government_public_administration

Home Address: 11525 SW Collina Lane
Wilsonville, OR 97070

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Cell Phone: 503-539-1613