Deborah F. Wooten-Metoxen

Member Since: 2018

Job Title: Inspirational Speaker and Internationally renown comedian

Job Description: Debbie shares her inspirational, CAN DO attitude and stories with others, across the world. She has faced numerous challenges in her life, but she continues to kick "can't" out of her world, embracing all that she CAN do. Debbie was a top Toastmaster, winner the honor of being the Keynote speaker at the international Toastmaster convention in Taiwan. She is also a stand up comedian who has opened for many big names in comedy. And, in her role as inspirational speaker, Debbie shares about how she overcomes the challenges that life has brought her way, staying strong, positive and believing in herself. "Can't" is a four-letter word that is not part of Debbie's vocabulary, and she inspires to look past troubles and focus on what they CAN do.

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