February 2013 Luncheon

Speaker Says Women Can Change the World!

What would it be like if women’s way of healing were honored and recognized in medicine? What if we embraced connection and intuition to correct the imbalance found in conventional medical healing?

Pamela Sky Jeanne, naturopathic physician and author of Healing Matters, believes that healing is in women’s innate nature. On February 7, Pamela Jeanne, our luncheon speaker, will share with us how women can learn to feel empowered in our complex western medical system. She believes that when we connect, we heal. When we find and use our voice to say what we want and need, we will change the world.

Now in her 50th year of healing work, Pamela Jeanne, will share with us how our healing powers come from within. Women’s contributions to medicine have long been ignored, yet the feminine aspect of medicine is what counts in healing.


Bookings are closed for this event.