March 2013 Luncheon

Get Inspired!  How to Get Unstuck, On Track and Thriving in Your Life and Work

More than 75 percent of people working today would change their job if they could…but they don't.  If you've felt stuck, uninspired, or like something was missing in your business, work or career, find out how to get re-inspired in this presentation!

You will discover:
• The 4 most common reasons people get stuck
• Some simple steps to get moving past these “stuck” times
• The missing ingredient in most people’s work – and how to find it in yours
• How to stay fully present even when you’re going through tough times
• And more!

You’ll leave with more motivation, a "woo hoo!" feeling of energy, and some practical strategies to improve your life now.

Marcia Bench is America's #1 Entrepreneur, Coach and Trainer. A seasoned serial entrepreneur, author and professional speaker, she has more than 25 years' experience coaching, training, and speaking to entrepreneurs and professional groups.  She is the author of 24 books including the #1 best-selling Become an Inspirational Thought Leader and Career Coaching: An Insider's Guide.  Marcia has been coaching and consulting both individual and corporate clients since 1986.  She is CEO of Marcia Bench Enterprises and founder of Career Coach Institute, as well as other coaching companies.


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