Portlandia Club Holiday Bottle Party 2014

Consider for a moment, if you will, all the different sizes and shapes of bottles.

Now consider just what could be in that bottle.

Wine – Yes                   OR      Virgin Olive or Balsamic Vinegar – Yes

Beautiful Scarf - Yes     OR    Alcoholic Spirits – Yes

Bath Oils – Yes             OR       Sweet and Savory Treats - Yes

Gift Certificates – Yes   OR    Gloves - Yes

The list is endless.

Bring your wrapped bottle and put it under the tree.  We will do an exchange with stealing.  Yes, I said stealing.  That is half the fun.

Enjoy your sister Portlandia Club members for this lively Holiday party that is hosted by the club at Jane Drew’s home.  You will receive an email with Jane’s address just before the party.

Register soon so that the caterer knows how much food to bring.



Bookings are closed for this event.