Portlandia Club Celebration of the Vessel 2015

Celebration of the Vessel - a members-only event!

T'was two weeks and three days before Christmas and all through The Benson Hotel chefs, bakers, and masters of libations make ready for the Portlandia Club Members celebrations! Our merriment will be downstairs in the cozy, old London Broil under the lobby where your appetite will be satiated with decadent, delectable food and thirst quenched with languid, libations from our own "no host" bar!

Ah the vessel, many things can come in or be placed in a vessel such as, scarves, luxurious bath oils/salts, olive oils/balsamic vinegars, jewelry, and the always popular wine, champagne, and spirits! We invite you to be creative with your bottle, oops I meant vessel, to entice during our white elephant exchange!

Santas elves will have been busy decorating The Benson for the holidays, if you would like to match her beauty and get decked out yourself, great, if your just not feeling it then no worries! Santa just doesn't want you to have that bah humbug feeling so come either way and enjoy the festive spirit of this event!

I've heard rumors that Santa, while making his deliveries in Portland, makes a pit stop in the very discreet parking garage next to The Benson at Stark and Broadway. However the garage doesn't charge Santa the $5 in the evening the rest of us will be charged. From this garage there is an underground tunnel, which runs under Stark directly into The Benson right where we'll be having our event! Don't miss seeing the lobby decorations and the masterpiece gingerbread creation that the pastry chef prepares every year, it's a must!!

This is a free, members-only event and our most popular, this is a great way to get to know your Portlandia sisters better!



Bookings are closed for this event.