April 2013 Luncheon

Authentic Conversations: Are They Possible???

The pace of change makes the need for transparent conversations more important than ever. But, how do we truly have authentic conversations?

Dr. Sarah Stebbins, C.P.C., will help us learn three transformational ideas that will change our communications and help us become more successful, one conversation at a time. Conversation is a skill that can be learned. This skill will enhance our ability to connect, collaborate, and contribute.

Sarah’s credentials are impeccable! She has developed an enthusiastic following for her training programs and organizational consulting work. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, the Federal government, colleges and universities, and diverse non-profits. She recently became certified as a Fierce Conversation Facilitator and now uses this strategy to help organizations implement change.

As a professional coach, she helps executives and leaders manage change and expand their potential as leaders.

She is a much sought after speaker who brings humor, vision, warmth, and passion to her presentations.

Learn more about our speaker at www.drsteb.com or www.sarasteb.wordpress.com.


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