April Luncheon (Speaker postponed to a later date)

Note - This event is cancelled. We look forward to enjoying Julia's presentation at a future luncheon.
Thank you for understanding.

Your Emotional Compass
Part of the 2020 Professional Excellence Series

Julia Marrocco is a Behavioral Analyst and Executive Development Coach working in partnership with TTI Success Insights of Scottsdale AZ. She holds certifications in EQ (Emotional Quotient) and other brain behavior sciences. As a business consultant, she helps companies and boards of directors evaluate the success of their executives with 360-degree surveys, and coaches senior executives and high-profile individuals to improve their performance by increasing their Emotional Intelligence.
Higher EQ is one of the most important qualities for business leaders and managers to develop. Salespeople with higher EQ make more money that those with lower EQ. EQ can be raised. Raising EQ throughout an organization can even transform a toxic workplace into a functional, even flourishing culture. Each attendee at the Portlandia luncheon will come away with some workable skills and language to immediately apply in their personal and business lives.
Please join us for this fascinating presentation!