Cooking Class Happy Hour

Join us for the third happy hour cooking class, making Harmony's favorite aromatic Asian Peanut Sauce
1 pm on Saturday, October 3 

Harmony hears rave reviews every time she serves this versatile sauce, and it can be used with many kinds of dishes or appetizers. Join us to learn how to make, and to make the most, of this tasty sauce. It can be made as spicy as you like.

This sauce is very versatile! Can be used as a dip for vegies, served over pasta with shrimp and sliced scallions or as a dip for cooked chicken skewers. Harmony uses it for homemade salad rolls, too! Please have pasta cooked, or veggies sliced, or chicken at the ready. Use your imagination! We will share what you have selected with the group.

Purchase ingredients for the sauce recipe (below) ahead of time, and join us in cooking together virtually. If you missed our other cooking classes, we hope you join us! The group has as much connecting as learning new recipes!

Spicy Peanut Dip

1/2 C Creamy peanut butter
2 Cloves garlic chopped
3 T sugar
1/3 C Soy sauce
1/3 C Rice Vinegar
1-1/2 T Chili oil (sesame oil with chilis) *\
1-1/2 T Minced cilantro
1 Pinch dried pepper

Zoom call details will be sent out the day before to our Portlandia emails list. If you prefer to just watch the class, grab a happy hour beverage and make the recipe another time.
This should be a fun happy hour event. Let's connect and cook! If you have a favorite recipe, let's set up another class. The more the merrier! See you in the kitchen! Questions: Stephanie Foster 503-750-8973.