Cooking Class Happy Hour

Join us for the second happy hour cooking class, making yummy Minestrone Soup
5 - 6 pm on Thursday, September 24 via zoom.

While traditional minestrone, Italian vegetable soup, is all vegetables, Stephanie Foster will share her favorite quick Minestrone version, which includes Italian sausage. It's a hybrid of fresh and canned ingredients, and it's ready in 45 minutes.

Purchase ingredients for the minestrone recipe (below) ahead of time, and join us in cooking together virtually. Participant are welcome to omit the sausage, or to substitute freshly prepared veggies for the canned garbanzo beans, etc. If you missed our first cooking class, we hope you join us! The group had a fun time connecting and cooking Pad Thai in August! Harmony will lead a class on Asian Peanut Sauce in October.

Zoom call details will be sent out the day before to our Portlandia emails list. If you prefer to just watch the class, grab a happy hour beverage and make the recipe another time. That's ok, too! Red wine is a good pairing for minestrone. 😉 And crusty bread.
Minestrone ingredient list will be listed here this week.
This should be a fun happy hour event. Let's connect and cook! If you have a favorite recipe, let's set up another class. The more the merrier! See you in the kitchen! Questions: Stephanie Foster 503-750-8973.
Do you have a favorite recipe to share with our group! Leading a Portlandia Virtual Cooking Class is easy. Email to set it up!