Diversity Power Hour

Power Hour - Beyond Diversity

August 11 - Beyond Diversity with Barbara O'Hare and Dr. Kathleen Perkin

Where can I learn more about diversity? If you've asked yourself this question, be sure to join us for this extremely relevant Power Hour.

Portlandia welcomes Barbara O'Hare and Dr. Kathleen Perkin to our August 11 Power Hour to share about their program, Beyond DIversity. This overview of Beyond Diversity is the prelude to an exclusive program for 3 weeks in October for 15 Portlandia members, at a cost of $98 per member (Portlandia is covering $100 of the $198 usual fee for this program). We're grateful to offer this AMAZING value, and opportunity to learn.

Read Kathleen's note below, then join the call tomorrow at noon.

We thank Portlandia for its interest in working with Beyond Diversity LLC.

Together Barbara and I bring decades of combined expertise in the field of diversity, equity, and belonging. I was trained by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond: Undoing Racism, New Orleans. Barbara was trained by Oregon Uniting using the self-awareness model. Jointly we use the social constructivism pedagogy.

Beyond Diversity centers its training on how we are all affected by institutionalized and individualized racism, where racial bias comes from, how it functions, why it persists and how racial bias can be undone.

Racial bias has been suppressed and it has clouded the true histories of people of color as well as white people. The training demonstrates that a full knowledge of history is a critical organizing tool for change as well as a source of personal and collective empowerment.

Participants will gain a different and impactful viewpoint shift that generates positive, sustainable changes in your organization that will promote better communication, higher productivity and smoother, easier relationships among your members.

We look forward to working with your organization and creating a world that works on behalf of all humanity.

Kind regards,