Portlandia Club February 2014 After Hours

As you walk through the glistening doors of the Hotel Deluxe it's as if you have been transported back in time to the Golden Age of glamorous Hollywood! Our nefarious night of networking and merriment takes place in The Editing Room directly to your left upon entering the Hotel and conveniently located next to The Driftwood Room. This oh so discreet lounge is where Portlandia Starlets and guest stars can sample the Champagne Cocktails, the Liz Taylor is a violet delight, or just dial M for Manhattans, the Sidney Poittier and Clint Eastwood are Oscar worthy and you must dance your way around to trying the Ginger Rogers, I give it 5 stars!

As our cast of characters arrives in the Editing Room you can choose from Happy Hour house red, white, and champagne that even "Miles" from "Sideways" would approve of! If you are more of a Shirley Temple fan then we will have options to tickle your your fancy as well! Light appetizers have been selected from the Hotel's Craft Services Playbill to sustain your efforts in creating new VIP business contacts!

If "indie film" is your interest then you may want to look for parking that is readily available on street all around the Hotel block especially since parking ends at 7pm! However if your limo is in the shop or your driver is sick you can park in the public parking garage at SW15th and Yamhill, across the street, very discreet they assured me no paparazzi! I also have it on good authority that if cocktails are purchased in the Driftwood Room they validate your ticket, however, they like to keep this on the down-low, shhhhh! If Joan Crawford is your type of icon, there is of course, always valet!

Bring plenty of calling cards and other VIP's from other productions about town because you never know where that next big break is going to come from! Are you ready for your close up?


Bookings are closed for this event.