Portlandia Club Luncheon January 2016

Respect, Resources, Relationships - The Cupcake Girls

The Cupcake Girls facilitate connections between community resources and individuals involved in any realm of the sex industry. Through trained volunteers and community partners, we respectfully and discreetly provide individuals with resources and support tailored to fit his or her needs.

This organization was built on the concept of providing assistance without judgement and without specific expectations. In order to receive connections to our community partners and resources, our clients do not have to leave the industry. We believe it's important to provide support when requested and it's not up to us to determine what's the best path for our clients.


Amy-Marie Merrell is the City Director for The Cupcake Girls Portland branch. Under her leadership, The Cupcake Girls has expanded its reach within the community and has made excellent strides towards becoming a long-term establishment in the city of Portland. When she's not dedicating many hours to The Cupcake Girls, Amy-Marie works full time at Wieden+Kennedy and spends quality time with her wonderful family.

Please join us at our new location, the Willamette Room at The Chart House.  Valet parking is included.


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