Portlandia Club Luncheon March 2017

What if You Could Go From Stuck to Unstoppable?  

From an annual survey that asks people their #1 biggest challenge the responses continue to be the same year after year - over 70% say they feel stuck, like they're going round in circles. Their challenges range from being dissatisfied with their career, struggling to find a new job, being at the end of their financial rope, or working too much and having no time for themselves. Often people feel that the harder they try to change the situation, the more stuck they feel. Whether it’s a situation at work or at home these experiences can hold you back and make you feel as though you’re surviving rather than thriving.

Linda Binns has been helping people go from stuck to unstoppable since 1997 and she will share 3 insights that will ensure you never feel stuck again. Linda will share:

  • how we keep ourselves stuck;
  • the #1 tool to get unstuck; and
  • what it takes to truly become unstoppable.

The message Linda shares will help people connect more deeply and effectively with themselves to understand what energy they are bringing to their life and career. This understanding leads to improved collaboration and the ability to contribute more effectively both professionally and personally.

As an introverted and highly sensitive person Linda's childhood experiences left her unprepared to face life's challenges. She felt inadequate and very different from everyone else. She overcame many obstacles, including extremely low confidence and low self-esteem to become a small business owner, author, international speaker, radio and television guest, consultant and coach because she has a passion for helping others overcome their challenges. She learned that she really could become anything she wanted to be and is amazed at the life she has been able to create for herself, exceeding everybody's expectations, especially her own. She now helps people to thrive and be the best they can be professionally and personally and has been helping people go from Stuck to Unstoppable since 1997. She has been a regular guest on Portland's AM NW Television show for the past 2 years and is the author of 7 books on energy, her latest book is From the Inside Out: Breakthrough Strategies for Mastering Your Finances.

Please join us back at the Portland City Grill.  The program will begin promptly at noon so give yourself some time to network by arriving at 11:30.

Your ticket includes parking validation at either of these 2 parking garages for 2.5 hours by Portland City Grill:

  1. Parking is in the lower level of the Unico US Bank Tower, entrance at 5th and Pine
  2. And across the street at 4th and Pine. Parking is free for the first 2½ hours with validation

Alternative Parking for Portland City Grill that is NOT validated:

  • Central Parking System - 310 SW 4th Avenue
  • Star Park - 610 SW Alder St.
  • Smart Park Garages - 808 SW Stark St.
  • Alder Street Parking Garage - 615 SW Alder St.
  • City Center Parking - 130 SW Stark St.
  • Ace Parking - 550 SW Park Ave
  • Smart Park - 730 SW 10th Ave
  • Smart Park Garages - 818 SW 4th Ave
  • Pearl Garage - 1111 NW Davis St.
  • Fox Tower Parking Garage - SW Taylor


Bookings are closed for this event.