Portlandia Club Luncheon March 2015

The Shadow Creeping over our Political News

The next presidential election is nearly two years away. Much too early too think about. Right? Wrong. The presidential horse race is already stomping all over our political news. Political Analyst Jim Moore will explain how in his March 5 luncheon presentation, “Politics in the Shadow of the 2016 Presidential Elections.” He’ll explore how why our presidential elections have come to dominate national and local politics for years at a time.

Dr. Moore has been an independent political analyst in the Portland area since 1990. He is currently the political analyst for KOIN-TV AND KXL FM radio in Portland. In addition, he is a regular source for a number of newspapers, National Public Radio, KOPB’S Think Out Loud, and several national media outlets. Moore teaches political science at Pacific University in Forest Grove where he is the director of the Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation

Your ticket includes parking validation at either of these 2 parking garages for 2.5 hours by Portland City Grill:

  1. Parking is in the lower level of the Unico US Bank Tower, entrance at 5th and Pine
  2. And across the street at 4th and Pine. Parking is free for the first 2½ hours with validation

Alternative Parking for Portland City Grill that is NOT validated:

  • Central Parking System - 310 SW 4th Avenue
  • Star Park - 610 SW Alder St.
  • Smart Park Garages - 808 SW Stark St.
  • Alder Street Parking Garage - 615 SW Alder St.
  • City Center Parking - 130 SW Stark St.
  • Ace Parking - 550 SW Park Ave
  • Smart Park - 730 SW 10th Ave
  • Smart Park Garages - 818 SW 4th Ave
  • Pearl Garage - 1111 NW Davis St.
  • Fox Tower Parking Garage - SW Taylor


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