Portlandia Club Luncheon October 2015

Focus Rather Than Fear: Tuning Out the Noise of the Financial Media & Creating True Financial Wellness
Are you constantly rattled by sensational headlines and screaming pundits who raise fears about rising and falling stocks and international monetary crises that could affect your financial security? 
Susan Schwarz and Jane Drew will tell us how to put that financial news in perspective. They will present the cornerstones to building a foundation of financial wellness while avoiding some of the most common investor mistakes. With a combined 45 years of experience advising people in the financial services industry, Jane and Susan will share insights on identifying and achieving financial goals.
This presentation will wrap up our series of speakers addressing the topic: The Power of Persuasion – How We Get Information. This year’s theme has given us the opportunity to hear a variety of perspectives on how we form our opinions. We’ve heard from an alternative newspaper publisher, a political commentator, a television anchor/reporter, the manager of a family-owned daily newspaper, the founder of a new innovative radio station, the artistic director of a theatre, and the creative laureate of Portland. We are excited to announce next year’s theme: Women Making Difference.
Please join us at our new location, the Willamette Room at The Chart House.  Valet parking is included.


Bookings are closed for this event.