Portlandia Club October 2015 Haunted After Hours

Portlandia Club Haunted After Hours Networking Open to the Public

This event is a chance for women from all over Portland, in all kinds of businesses, to share information and get to know new people! The setting allows women to relax a bit more and possibly spark conversation more easily given that guests are encouraged to arrive in costume, if they wish, or something as simple as a silly hat! Totally up to your whim of the day!

We encourage you to bring friends from other covens and plenty of business cards to spin your networking web even larger! We want to know you and for you to learn about our club!

This will be the last Portlandia Club haunting at Martini's Beauty Soirée so if in days of yore, mingling with ghouls and goblins has passed you by, don't miss this magical night!!

You may park your broom, hearse or whatever mode of transport on street or in the Selco credit union parking lot on the corner of NW 25th & NW Thurman after 6pm!

Portlandia Witches: $12
Guest Witches: $15

Tender reservations for your toe tag at Portlandia.org.


Bookings are closed for this event.