2nd Period Packing Party May 2018

One of the non-profits that Portlandia has chosen to support is Period, Inc. Nadya Okamoto and Vincent Forand co-founded PERIOD as high school students in 2014  in Portland after realizing that menstrual products are not reliably available to those living on the streets.  Period is a group of young activists dedicated to changing the conversation around periods and providing menstrual products for those that need them. On Saturday, May 12th, Portlandia members are invited to a ‘Period Packing Party’, from 10am to noon at 1028 SE Water Ave., Suite 50. Please bring some food to share, wine or other wonderful drinks to share. Over $260+ was raised during the February Portlandia luncheon to help purchase menstrual supplies for this and the previous Period Packing Parties. If you would like to donate to provide additional money for menstrual supplies, you can make a donation via Portlandia Club's website here.


Bookings are closed for this event.