Portlandia Club April 2018 After Hours

In the late 20th century, pubs began focusing more on food, expanding from traditional ploughman's meals of cold meat, cheese, bread and pickles to full restaurant menus, thus was born the "gastropub."  At Raven & Rose you won’t find any typical pre-frozen bar food, they bring a warm, convivial atmosphere, coupled with pristine, locally sourced, comfort food, with a bit of U.K. flair, enveloped in the history of Ladd Carriage House in Downtown Portland.

In 1851, 24 year-old William Sargent Ladd left New England heading west seeking his fortune he landed in Portland, where he contributed to it’s early economic development.  He served as Mayor twice, donated land to build The Old Church, and served as president on the board of State's agricultural college.  Ahead of their time, he and friend Simeon Reed, owned/operated 13 model farms encouraging humane farming practices.  He loved animals so much that in 1883 he decided to build "a palace for his horses" and brought an architect from England to design the Carriage House.

In 2011, the Mygrant family bought the beautifully restored building to begin interior work on Raven & Rose restaurant and The Rookery Bar.  Great care was taken retaining it’s place on the National Register of Historic Places while creating a modern, sustainable building, resulting in a LEED-Gold certified restaurant.  Written up in the New York Times, Eatery, and Thrillest, this slice of the U.K. has garnered quite the reputation!

The happiest of hours are 4-6pm upstairs in The Rookery Bar where you’ll find obvious options for the amber ale of hops along with sumptuous single barrel spirits however, the cunningly crafted cocktails and varieties of vino, languish on the palate!!

Please join us for an evening of merriment that even the Queen (that saucy minx) would approve of!!


Bookings are closed for this event.