Portlandia Club June 2014 Luncheon

The Care and Feeding of Pollinators

It is our nature as women to be givers. We excel at sowing seeds so our friends and family members can thrive and prosper. Yet we often neglect our own needs and can find ourselves being mentally and physically exhausted. How do we replenish? How do we find balance?

Taking care of ourselves does not have to be complicated, time consuming or guilt-inducing.  Author Christine Green  shares 7 helpful tips to nurture and replenish so we can be ready and willing to help others grow and blossom.

Christine Green teaches with compassion and clarity and is dedicated to sharing tools to reveal your authentic life. She is the founding minister of Sacred Heart Ministries in Portland, Oregon and has been teaching and counseling for over 20 years both nationally and abroad. Christine is the author of several books on caregiving and women’s issues.


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