Portlandia Club Luncheon January 2018

Why Cannabis is The New Kale

Our speaker theme for 2018 is “Nevertheless, she persisted….”  Kicking us off is Meg Worden, a health coach, writer, mother, mentor, activist, and ambassador. Her current work centers around the respectful use of cannabis for wellness in addition to helping women become their own advocates, healing emotional roadblocks to vibrant health and accessible joy. Meg helps her clients figure out how to integrate cannabis into their lives respectfully, providing a sense of elevation without intoxication for better, brighter health and relief of many symptoms of pain, depression and anxiety. Her topic is “Cannabis Is The New Kale”. In her talk, Meg will untangle truth from myth about this powerful and elegant medicinal plant. The talk with focus on understanding how the societal integration of cannabis as well as its consumption, can positively shift the paradigm for women’s physical, mental, spiritual and economic health. Meg will offer a perspective on how cannabis can nourish your body, family and business.

Your ticket includes parking validation at either of these 2 parking garages for 2.5 hours by Portland City Grill:

  1. Parking is in the lower level of the Unico US Bank Tower, entrance at 5th and Pine (note if the Parking Full Sign is posted, please proceed and let the valet know you are attending a Portlandia Club event).
  2. And across the street at 4th and Pine. Parking is free for the first 2½ hours with validation

Alternative Parking for Portland City Grill that is NOT validated:

  • Central Parking System - 310 SW 4th Avenue
  • Star Park - 610 SW Alder St.
  • Smart Park Garages - 808 SW Stark St.
  • Alder Street Parking Garage - 615 SW Alder St.
  • City Center Parking - 130 SW Stark St.
  • Ace Parking - 550 SW Park Ave
  • Smart Park - 730 SW 10th Ave
  • Smart Park Garages - 818 SW 4th Ave
  • Pearl Garage - 1111 NW Davis St.
  • Fox Tower Parking Garage - SW Taylor

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Bookings are closed for this event.