Portlandia Club Luncheon October 2017

Women Making a Difference

What if we could create an inclusive community for people potentially living in isolation in neighborhoods? What if we could we could create community for a diverse range of people through accessible gardening?

Kate Bodin is a registered horticultural therapist and executive director of Community Cultivators, a Portland based 501(c)(3) corporation. Kate will share her experiences in the field of horticultural therapy and the joys and frustrations of attempting to re-ignite a dormant non-profit company.

Community Cultivators establishes accessible gardening sites for older adults and underserved populations in Portland neighborhoods.  The intent is to create a connection to gardening, food, nutrition, and community through partnerships with other non-profit and educational organizations.  Community Cultivators’ staff teaches classes in all aspects of organic gardening, harvesting, and cooking for participating gardeners, volunteers, and neighborhood residents.

Kate Bodin, MEd, HTR is the Executive Director of Community Cultivators, a Portland, Oregon based 501(c)(3) corporation. Working with other non-profit and educational organizations such as schools, community gardens, and residential communities, Community Cultivators provides consultation, management, and educational programming for gardens that create community for older, intergenerational, and underserved populations.  In addition to growing healthy, organic vegetables, participants meet each other while tending the garden or participating in on-site workshops and classes on topics ranging from organic gardening to preserving foods, cooking and nutrition. Partner gardens also host events to further strengthen community bonds.

Previously, Kate oversaw the horticultural therapy program at Earthtones Music Therapy Services in Portland, OR and implemented several thriving horticultural therapy programs for older adults throughout the region. In addition, she developed and implemented a comprehensive horticultural therapy internship program, and continues to train interns through her work with Community Cultivators.  Prior to that she worked for over twenty years in higher education – eleven of those years as the academic dean in two art colleges.

Kate’s clinical experience includes service in residential homes, assisted living sites, hospitals and day programs. She has worked with people diagnosed with dementia, physical, behavioral and cognitive disabilities, as well as older adults in assisted living and wellness settings.

Kate is an avid and experienced gardener, educator and outdoorswoman. A passionate cook, Kate loves creating nourishing and healthy meals from the produce she picks in her garden.

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