Portlandia Club September 2014 Luncheon

How ShelterBox helps families when disaster strikes

After retiring from 30 years with Meier & Frank/The May Co, Bill Woodard rewired himself into a new role as ambassador and volunteer for ShelterBox USA for the last 2 years. As a trained first responder, he has seen the disaster that struck the Philippines earlier this year on a very personal level. He is currently awaiting deployment to Syria. For over 13 years, ShelterBox, a global organization has helped families by providing specific equipment to allow a family to survive the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster (earthquake, flood, tsunami, hurricane, etc) as well as conflict. Bill will describe how SB fills the gap with shelter, blankets, food, medicine, a small cooking stove and more. A past United Way campaign Chairman, and Oregon State 4H Foundation President, Bill is an active traveler, climbing Himalyan Peaks, rafting the Colorado River, hiking New Zealand's Five Great Treks and the Inca Trail, and with his bicycle, riding across the US and traversing the Pyrenees. An graduate of OSU, he is married, with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.


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