POWER HOUR: Jackie Peterson


Noon - 1pm

Member Spotlight - Jackie Peterson

Ageism: The Universal “Other”

By profession, Jackie is a CPA, consultant, and educator. She has always been interested in aging particularly as she herself has aged. She recognized that she has had many life benefits that resulted in her be being a very energetic, involved, able person well past the age of 65, which is considered the beginning of Old Age in our society. She has observed how many seniors often much younger than her, are treated as the “other”. They are discounted, ignored, passed over for opportunity and maybe even cut out of the dialogue, conversation, and not invited to share their learning, wisdom, ideas, and resources in our society.

Jackie teaches entrepreneurship and she had an “ah-ha” moment and realized that self-employment could be a perfect activity for those over 50 who have been downsized for their jobs because of age and could not get back into the workforce. That recognition led Jackie to create a new program at Portland Community College called Age is Opportunity which led her to get involved in the activities of the international program of the World Health Organization called Age-Friendly.

On March 8th, she will talk about Ageism on a global scale and more locally and give you some resources and tools you can connect with if being anti ageist strikes a chord with you as it did with her.

Hope to see you there!

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