Power Hour Interactive Experiential Look at EQ with Julia Marrocco

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October 20 - Your Emotional Compass with Julia Marrocco

Get ready to have fun with your lunch session, with an exclusive interactive experiential workshop!
Have you ever had something (or someone) ruin your day? 
Have you ever had regrets over something you said, or wish you hadn’t hit the “send” button?
Have you ever been blind-sided by someone in a way that made you uncomfortable?
Are you feeling the wearing tear of constant stress at work or at home?
Have you ever called your workplace dysfunctional, or even “toxic”?   
Have you ever felt that you are being controlled by your moods and the moods of others?
No, we’re not talking about menopause.  
We’re talking about Emotional Quotient (formerly called Emotional Intelligence). Salespeople with high EQ make more money. Leaders with high EQ have more engaged and productive teams. People with high EQ have less stress and more fun.  You can increase your EQ with practice. 
Let’s experience the five components of EQ together, learn healthy responses using EQ idioms, and take away at least one "golden nugget” to get you on the path to controlling your moods in a healthy and honest way. Life’s too short not to!
Julia is a wife, daughter, and grandmother. She lives in Portland, OR and part-time in L.A.
Julia is a Behavioral Analyst and Executive Development Coach working in partnership with
TTI Success Insights of Scottsdale AZ. She holds certifications in EQ and other brain behavior
sciences. As a business consultant she helps companies and boards of directors evaluate the
success of their executives with 360-degree surveys, and has been individually coaching senior
executives and high-profile individuals for twenty years to improve their performance by
increasing their EQ.