POWER HOUR: Women and Laughter with Jean Bonifas


Women & Laughter with Jean Bonifas
Tuesday, July 13
Noon - 1:00 pm

Our July Power Hour invites you to explore the topic of “Women and Laughter” with Portlandia member Jean Bonifas, owner of Springboard NW, LLC (SBNW). Jean posed a few questions, to be considered prior to the presentation:

  • What is it about the topic “Women and Laughter” that sparks your curiosity?
  • What do you notice about your laugh?
  • Describe a time when you surprised yourself by letting loose a belly laugh.

Regina Barreca, editor of “Fast Funny Women: 75 Essays of Flash Nonfiction” [Woodhall Press, Norwalk, CT. 2021.xii] says:

“…every five years or so, I’ll suddenly hear from magazines, television producers or podcast editors asking, in all seriousness, whether women have a sense of humor.” “...it …seems odd to reaffirm that women’s humor exists, because if you look at any random group of women for more than thirteen seconds, you’ll notice we’re laughing.”

Springboard NW transforms workplace communication “messes into successes”. Clients speak highly of its owner’s expertise in connecting and engaging staff and administrators without talking them to death. Join us, to be inspired and to find out just how that's done.

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