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Power Hour July 7 - Spiritual Development in a time of Sanctuary with Kate Mayo

In challenging times it is often our first impulse to ask “What do I do…to take care of myself…to take care of others…to avoid pain or suffering…to be safe?” First there came the coronavirus pandemic, with its consequences to health and life. Quickly followed by restrictions that affected all aspects of all our lives, social, political, economic. Then the eruption of social inequities and injustice surfacing in rallies and demonstrations throughout the nation. The impact on our world, and on our society of this time is beyond our ability to truly grasp, much less forecast.

In asking a different question: Who can I be in this time that is rich with potential for transformation, for transmutation of who we are as human beings on a planet in crisis, we can look to our spiritual development. We have the opportunity to look at what is truly important to us and re-design, re-create our lives in alignment with our values, with what is truly important over the long term, from a higher perspective. Mystics and physicists have spoken about the impact of our thoughts, words, and actions on the future that is being created.

Drawing on her life experiences in political activism, transformational business coaching, and spiritual training, and recognizing that the impact we have on the outer world is a reflection of our inner world, Kate Mayo has chosen to respond by deepening and strengthening her spiritual practices and development. She will share with us how this decision has altered her life. The hope is that this will open a conversation in which we can all share.

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