Power Hour Grace Tinsen, Money Mindset

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Power Hour August 18 - The Secret to the Successful Woman's Money Mindset, Grace Tinsen

When you think of having a “successful money mindset” what comes to mind for you? Freedom? No debt? Plenty of savings? A secure retirement?

Those are the things a successful money mindset can produce, but knowing how your thoughts and beliefs shape your money behavior is the key to making it a reality

Grace Tinsen is the #1 International Best-Selling Author of “Thrive Beyond Divorce: Mastering the Money Game, Discovering Your Purpose and Offering Your Gifts to The World”. She tells the story of building a big career and lavish lifestyle then losing it all after a divorce during a recession. It is the tale of deep struggle to find her way back, mentally, emotionally spiritually and financially and chronicles the ways she had to transform herself and her thinking to go from poverty to financially independent.

After a successful 25 year career as a financial advisor, she retired in 2016 but knew her mission to help women master the money game was not over. Now a coach, leader and speaker, her passion is to help women stop struggling with money so they can have the peace of mind and freedom they deserve and to be able to offer their own gifts to the world.