Weekly Power Hour Virtual Series

Join us on Tuesdays for a topical noontime chat via Zoom!

Portlandia offers content-driven calls on Tuesdays, from noon-12:30 or 12:45.  Each call with have a topic, a leader and great conversation and connections.

The next call in the series will take place June 2.The topic and details will be announced soon.]

We hope you can join in for part or all of our Power Hours! Call in details for the Zoom call will be sent to all current members.


If you unable to join the call on May 19, Susan Schwarz put together the following recap of that interesting call.

Dr. Sarah Stebbins lead our May 19th Power Hour call on the topic of Personal Resilience. Sarah has just completed a book entitled “From Fire to Water: Moving Through Change: 6 Steps to Personal Resiliency” due out later this year. Our wonderful conversation focused on several key points: 1. Change = life! A learner’s mind helps us contain our fear of change. 2. Emotional intelligence - we need to continue to be aware of our responses to change and keep evolving. 3. Gratitude provides great support when moving through change. Participants had much to share on the power of gratitude in their lives. 4. Increase in engagement = decrease in the resistance to change. The more we are involved in the change process, the less resistance we have to change. 5. Self-care allows us to be more resilient.

Some of the sharing included what helped facilitate change such as movement, listening to podcasts, and re-inventing a bucket list. Kathie England shared her favorite podcasts:
On Being (Krista Tippett)
Hidden Brain (Shankar Vedantam)
The New Yorker Radio Hour (David Remnick)
The Last Archive (Jill Lepore)
Translating ADHD (Cameron Gott and Shelly Collins)
Wondering Jews (Josh and Roy)

We will continue to enjoy Portlandia Power Hours on Tuesdays at noon in June and so mark your calendars!  Stay tuned for a list of topics and join us for an uplifting and wonderful conversation!