Karen Howells Shares How to Live Your Best Story
                                                                                                                                              February 2011
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Board Officers
President  Marilyn Mays
Vice Pres. Janis Collins 
Secretary Kathie England
Treasurer Dr. Christie Winkelman
Past Pres. Edrie Bizak
Historian Christine Green  

Board Members

Joan Riley
Susan Adams-Messmer
Janis Collins

Kim Megorden

Theresa Gahagan

Rhonda Martini

Mary Golden

Samantha Phenix

Board meetings
4th Tues of each month
11:30 am- 1:00 pm
Brightfield Village Condominiums
Recreation Room
(Hall Blvd. across from Washington Square)
Portland, OR

Monthly Luncheon
Thurs., Mar. 3
Portland City Grill
111 SW 5th Ave/ 30th flr  
11:30am - 1:30pm

(See Upper Right for Details) 
lunch $25 members, $35 guests;
(beverage service only -  $10 members, $15 guests)  
After Feb. 25, only beverage service available, first come
first serve.
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After Hours Mixer  

Thurs., Mar. 15

Hotel 50 
50 SW Morrison
members $12/guests $15

Member Birthdays
Marilyn Arthur 2
Francine Read 3
Pam Mason 7
Harmony George 7
Claudia Reinhaus 10
Maeva Troup 18
Mercy Norby 26
Kate Eskew 28


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Ingredients for Success
Let the Portlandia Cookbook Put a Little Spice in Your Life!   

The Portlandia Cookbooks are $20 each and for every two you purchase, you also get a reuseable Portlandia shopping bag.  Pay with cash or make checks payable to Portlandia Club. 


You can purchase and pick them up at our next luncheon or at the following member retail locations:


Forest Heights Design Studio

2061 Northwest Miller Road

Portland, OR 97229


Open Weekdays 10am-5pm; Sat 9am-5pm  

Dipinto a Mano

425 2nd St., Suite A100

Lake Oswego, OR  97034


Open Tues-Thurs 11am-6pm; Fri 11am-9pm; Sat 10am-9pm; Sun 12pm-5pm  

Hair Color Salon Dirk

1517 SW Sunset Blvd.

Portland, OR  97239


Open Sun 12pm-5pm; Tues 9am-5pm; Thurs 9am-6pm; Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 9am-5pm


Thank you, Susan, Linda and JoAnna for helping in the sale and distribution of them! 


If you would rather order online with a debit or credit card and have them shipped, you can do so at www.portlandia.org.


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If you would like to find more about becoming a member of Portlandia, find out more here.

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Living Your Best Story

with Karen Howells

Karen has worked as an executive coach as well as a leadership, teamwork and organization development specialist for companies large and small around the world for more that 20 years.


"Karen has a talent for getting people to be comfortable with their own strengths and value them."

 - Anne Bynum

Operations Director
Fortune 100 Chip Manufacturer


Our lives are each a unique story with incredible value.  We play the role of main character and author in our story. But all too often, we unconsciously live out a script that others have written for us, or we fall into "victim" mode as the unavoidable difficulties of life occur. Even as professional women, we can give away our power of choice and authorship, limiting our joy and productivity.
Karen Howells, business owner, consultant and coach, cancer survivor, wife and mother, will share from her own life journey how she is learning to transform even her greatest challenges to create and live a more interesting, enlivening story. Be prepared to be challenged and inspired, no matter what season of life you find yourself in!  (Find out more about Karen on her website.)


March Luncheon 

Thurs., Mar. 3

11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Portland City Grill
111 SW 5th Ave.
30th Floor/Jefferson Room  




Register here before February 25 to secure your seat! (Lunch, $25 Members, $35 Guests; Beverage Service Only, $10 Members, $15 Guests) After February 25, only Beverage Service is available, first come first serve.  



A Seat-at-the-Table


On Friday, April 29, 2011 at the Oregon Convention Center 20 Portlandia members will have a Seat-at-the-Table for the 12th Annual Celebrate Success Benefit Auction and Fashion Show to support Dress for Success Oregon.  Those who attended last year enjoyed a fabulous evening!


Will you be in one of those 20 seats?


Portlandia is purchasing two tables at this event as a Patron Sponsor.  15 members have already signed up for their seat at a cost of $30 which will be an added donation to Dress for Success.


You could be the winner of one of the remaining 5 seats.  If you recruit a new member to Portlandia by our luncheon on April 7, your name will be dropped into the hat for a drawing of these last 5 seats.  Two names will be drawn at our March 3 luncheon if any new members have been recruited by that date.


Email or call Kathie England at kathie@timeforsuccess.net or 503-531-9466 if you'd like to be on the waiting list for one of the seats.



Dining Out for a Year - Silent Auction Package for Celebrate Success

Portlandia members can also contribute to a silent auction package for Celebrate Success by making donations for the purchase of gift certificates to some of Portland's great restaurants.  Some lucky bidder will win a basket of gift certificates to our finest restaurants and Portlandia will be named as the sponsor of this gift.


Harmony George generously donated her winnings from the 50/50 drawing at our luncheon on February 10.  New member Susan Schwarz and Sandra Swayze have already written checks.  Kate Eskew and Kristin Schuchman have pledged donations.  JoAnna Dirk has pledged to solicit gift certificates from OBA and Salvador Molly's Restaurant. 


Bring your donations to our luncheons on March 3 or April 7 to Kathie England.  Please make checks payable to Portlandia Club, Inc.  Your can also email or call Kathie England at kathie@timeforsuccess.net or 503-531-9466 to let her know you'll be making a donation.


marilyn maysPresident's Letter
February 2011  

I hope those of you in attendance at this month's luncheon enjoyed the "Give Yourself an A" exercise. If you missed the luncheon we used the third chapter in The Art of Possibility written by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander, to encourage us all to think outside of our box about how this year will be for us. We all gave ourselves an A for our work at the end of the year and described why we deserved that A to our tablemates.


I utilized the same exercise to consider what it would mean to give myself an "A" as president of Portlandia this year. Here are my thoughts on why, in December of 2011, I receive an A for my role as president:


- The work of the Board is now transparent with budgets, minutes, and committee recommendations and reports all easily accessible to the membership.

- Portlandia has over 100 active members.

- Portlandia easily contributes $13,000 to our community partners.

- More than of the membership is actively involved in the vibrant committee structure that is both strong and flexible. 

- Women are encourage to join us in Portlandia because they hear everyone talking about the work we do.


There are a few other things relative to my work with the board that are important to me, but these are the highlights.

If you have a friend or acquaintance interested in who we are at Portlandia, bring them to lunch next month. If they join, your name will go into the drawing for a Seat at the Table at the Dress for Success event in April -- read the related article to learn more.  


See you all at lunch or after hours in March!


Marilyn Mays
President 2011

Mix & Mingle   

Need a Girls' Night Out? Join us for cosmos and camaraderie at our next After Hours Mixer

on Thurs., Mar. 15 at 5:30pm

at the Hotel 50 (50 SW Morrison).


After Hours Mixers are a great way to meet Portlandians in relaxed, informal setting. 


Members $12/Guests $15  

Register Here 



Double-Check Your Website Listings Please!


In an effort to ensure that we can contact each other & that Portlandia Club can get messages to members about monthly events & important news, please send your name, business, mailing address, email address & preferred phone number to:


Kim Megorden at jmkmeg@gmail.com   

 You are responsible for making sure the information about you on the website is correct. Please double check your listing to ensure that it is accurate.