Ring in the New Year with 1000 Mitzvahs!
                                                                                                                                       December 2011
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Board Officers
President  Janis Collins
Vice Pres. Kim Megorden  
Secretary Mary Golden 
Treasurer Julia Fitzgerald
Past President Marilyn Mays
Historian Edrie Bizak 

Board Members

Rhonda Martini
Pam Mason
Hannah Mast
Gloria Nussbaum

Samantha Phenix
Jean Silver 

Board meetings
4th Thurs of each month
11:30 am- 1:00 pm
Beaverton Library
(Small Conference Room)
12375 SW 5th Ave.
Portland, OR 

Monthly Luncheon
Thurs., Jan. 5
Portland City Grill
111 SW 5th Ave/ 30th flr   11:30am - 1:30pm
Annual Meeting
$35 Members, $25 Guests 
Cost: FREE
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After January 2, only beverage service available, first come
first serve.    

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In an effort to ensure that Portlandia Club can get messages to members about monthly events and news, please send your name, business, mailing address, email address and preferred phone number to:


Marilyn Mays at  marilynmays@comcast.net   

are responsible for making sure the information about you on the website is correct. Please double check your listing to ensure that it is accurate.

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New Members!


Join us in welcoming five new members to Portlandia.  


Kate Bodin is an educational consultant with a BFA in Visual Arts and a MEd in Creative Arts and Learning.   

Karen Mathieson of Serendipity Communications is a coach and presenter for professional speaking, writing and interpersonal skills development.  


Erica Risberg of Voices by Erica provides professional voice over talent and has a Ph.D. from the University of Maine.    


Janet Sandefur is a finance manager with a business degree from Washington State University.  


Lori Louis is a sales manager for Allison Spa & Inn with a bachelor's in hotel, restaurant & tourism management.   


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January Luncheon
Start the New Year Right with the Author of
1000 Mitzvahs

Her life was going along at its usual breakneck pace in her roles as mother, wife and entrepreneur until 2006.That's the year Portland author Linda Cohen's father passed away, bringing her life to a screeching halt, due in part to the nature of their relationship.As a way to come to terms with her grief, she decided to take a spiritual sabbatical and came out of it resolved to embark upon a project: perform one thousand acts of kindness, "mitzvahs," to honor her father's memory. Linda says that performing the mitzvahs turned out to be exactly what she needed to move from grief to inspiration while helping to honor her father's memory. 

Linda decided to share her stories and discoveries so she put them into a book, 1000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire and Change your Life, which was recently published. More than a touching story of a daughter's love for her father, 1,000 Mitzvahs is a testament to the transformational power of kindness, and a call to action for those who would like to follow in Cohen's footsteps with their own mitzvahs, large or small.


To hear more of Linda's inspiring story and the part that Portlandia Club played in it, be sure to attend our January 5th luncheon.  Reserve your place by signing up now at the Portlandia website www.portlandia.org.  

 Linda Cohen's book 1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire and Change Your Life shares her two-and-a-half-year journey from sorrow to inspiration through simple daily acts of kindness.


January Luncheon
Speaker: Linda Cohen

Author of 1000 Mitzvahs  

Thurs., January 5

11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Portland City Grill
111 SW 5th Ave.
30th Floor/Jefferson Room   



Potato Leak SoupW

Apple Salad with Chicken

Brulee Seasonal Vegetarian Risotto  

Register here before January 2 to secure your seat! (Cost: (Lunch, $25 Members, $35 Guests; Beverage Service Only, $10 Members, $15 Guests) After January 2, only Beverage Service is available, first come first serve.   

President's Letter
December 2011  


Ancient Romans dedicated the beginning of the new year to Janus, the God of Beginnings, whose dual faces allowed him to look both forward and backward at the same time. 

The Romans understood the benefit of being able to clearly assess the past as one transitions into the future.   


Portlandia's Board of Directors borrowed some of that ancient insight as they forged our strategic plan for the coming year. 


Remember the annual luncheon meeting in November?  We were serious when we asked you all those questions about your purpose in joining the club and what you thought were the most pressing issues.  We really listened.


Your feedback laid the groundwork for a planning session later that month that resulted in a detailed strategic plan. 


You told us your purpose in being part of Portlandia fell into four categories: Business, Social/Friendship, Contribution and Enrichment.


You also told us that you'd like the club to focus on the following issues: 

  • Improved communication and transparency;
  • Membership:  recruitment and retention; and 
  • More membership involvement in teams (formerly known as committees).           

Prominent items on our agenda are revamping the website, offering a payment plan for membership dues and providing more opportunities to promote your business.


Like the ancient deity, your board of directors is looking forward to the coming year.  And thanks to your thoughtful feedback we are able to forge ahead with insight.  I am proud and excited to be president of such a dynamic group of women and am certain that our 25th year will be our best ever.


Look for a summary of the Strategic Plan for 2012 in an upcoming email; copies will be available at our January luncheon also.


Janis Collins
President 2012


Cookbooks Only $10! 
Portlandia Cookbook: A Tastefully Festive Gift Choice  
The Portlandia Cookbook is a delicious collection of recipes from Portlandia's own members. Only $10 each, this book will bring the magic of Portlandia to your kitchen. Buy two, get one free along with a reuseable Portlandia shopping bag.  Pay with cash or make checks payable to Portlandia Club. 

You can purchase and pick them up at the following member retail locations:


Dipinto a Mano

425 2nd St., Suite A100

Lake Oswego, OR  97034


Open Tues-Thurs 11am-6pm; Fri 11am-9pm; Sat 10am-9pm; Sun 12pm-5pm  

Hair Color Salon Dirk

1517 SW Sunset Blvd.

Portland, OR  97239


Open Sun 12pm-5pm; Tues 9am-5pm; Thurs 9am-6pm; Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 9am-5pm   


Mission Statement Portlandia Club provides services and opportunities that enhance members' professional and personal lives. The club has an open membership policy, an active mentorship program and a commitment to community service. We provide scholarships and funds to help women and children who need a hand up. Please join us!