TV Producer Brenda Buratti Joins Us for March Luncheon!
                                                                                                                                       February 2012
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Board meetings
4th Thurs of each month
11:30 am- 1:00 pm
Beaverton Library
(Small Conference Room)
12375 SW 5th Ave.
Portland, OR 

Monthly Luncheon
Thurs., Mar. 1
Portland City Grill
111 SW 5th Ave/ 30th flr   11:30am - 1:30pm
$35 Members, $25 Guests 
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After Febrary 27, only beverage service available, first come
first serve.    

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March 12 Members' Spring Dinner 

April 5 April Luncheon   

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New Member!  


Debra Maymi, owner and president of The European Wax Center is our newest member of Portlandia. She enjoys travel, movies and hiking.   



Spring Dinner   

March 12

Here is an opportunity to get to know Portlandia members on a more personal level. So stop by, have a bite and some fun - Portlandia style!

Toro Bravo features lots of locally sourced, seasonal tapas and small plates as well as full dinners. They also have an impressive wine list.  

This is a members only event.   

Members Spring Dinner 

Monday, March 12

5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Toro Bravo   

120 N.E. Russell St.
Portland, Oregon 97209

(503) 636-9940

(You will be responsible for your own food and drink.) 




March Luncheon
Emmy-award-winning TV Producer Brenda Buratti shares her insights on success at our next luncheon 

The great line-up of speakers for our monthly luncheon continues in March with Brenda Buratti, Director of 

Programming and Creative Services at KGW NewsChannel 8.


Originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Brenda came to Portland in 1978 for a wedding...and never left! (You'll want to come to hear her to find out why).


She has over twenty years' experience in every phase of television production and management and is nationally known for having developed groundbreaking television programs including a feature magazine program, game show, and documentaries.


Brenda's work has been recognized with the most prestigious awards in broadcasting including Emmys and the coveted George Foster Peabody award. Her program, "On the Spot," is included in the collection of New York City's Paley Center for Media. The Oregon Association of Broadcasters awarded her the Broadcast Heritage award for outstanding contributions to Oregon broadcasting. She is the current chair of NBC's Station Marketing Council. Brenda is also a member of the National Speakers Association.


Brenda will talk about her life, how she got to where she is and also share the most important things she's learned about career success. As a media expert she'll provide strategies for crafting a publicity plan for small businesses that gets results.


To hear Brenda's inspiring story, reserve your place now for our March 1st luncheon at the website at


March Luncheon

Brenda Buratti


Speaker: Brenda Buratti  

Director of Programming & Creative Services, KGW NewsChannel 8    

Thurs., March 1

11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Portland City Grill
111 SW 5th Ave.
30th Floor/Jefferson Room   



Caesar Salad

Steak or Vegetarian Olive Oil Sandwich

Rice Pudding

Register here before February 27 to secure your seat! (Cost: (Lunch, $25 Members, $35 Guests; Beverage Service Only, $10 Members, $15 Guests) After February 27, only Beverage Service is available, first come first serve.     
President's Letter
February 2012   

Being "A Contribution" 
A New Way to Play


We have all been in Benjamin Zander's shoes. Every night as he sat down to dinner with his parents and high-achieving siblings came the seemingly innocent question: "What did you do today?" It was code for "What did you accomplish today?" and it produced extreme feelings of inadequacy and anxiety in the young Zander that lasted into adulthood.


Even as he became a renowned symphony conductor, his drive for success and his fear of failure gnawed at his self confidence and chewed up his relationships. Finally he gained a new perspective: "The game of success was just that, a game. I realized I could invent a new game, " he writes in the book The Art of Possibility.


The new game he called "I am a contribution." With that he realized that the questions: "Is it enough?" or "Am I loved for who I am, or what I have accomplished?" could be replaced by "How will I be a contribution today?"


Feelings of competition, scarcity, distrust and fear were replaced. "In the game of contribution," he writes, "you wake up each day and bask in the notion that you are a gift to others."


I am proud that Portlandia Club members consider "contributing" as one of three important reasons for our club's existence.  


And I am also encouraged by Zander's advice to all of us: "Throw yourself into life as someone who makes a difference. The contribution game appears to have remarkable powers for transforming conflicts into rewarding experiences." Words to live by.


Janis Collins
President 2012


Mission Statement Portlandia Club provides services and opportunities that enhance members' professional and personal lives. The club has an open membership policy, an active mentorship program and a commitment to community service. We provide scholarships and funds to help women and children who need a hand up. Please join us!    

Mentor Moment
By Karen Mathieson  

Over the years, I've learned that great experiences in volunteering result when I can answer "Yes," to several key questions:

  • Is the program well administered, with clear oversight and support for my contribution?
  • Is it sustainable as a place to put my energies, with clear and accurate time parameters?
  • Is it of significant value to myself as the giver, as well as to the recipient of the service?


Portlandia's Mentor Program is a winner on all three counts! From the first, I appreciated the excellent orientation and background materials that new mentors receive. I and my mentee, Shannon, have also been aided by well-thought out forms that document goal-setting, action steps, and contacts. The time commitment is exactly what I was led to expect, and it's been a treat to hear of Shannon's accomplishments at our monthly in-person meetings and during in-between phone conversations.


Supporting Shannon is an honor, an inspiration, and a sobering reminder of the needs of women who are in transition from crisis to success. Shannon herself has shared some thoughts about our ongoing and mutually rewarding relationship:


"Karen and I hit the jackpot as mentor and mentee; we were perfectly matched for success! Karen is a strong, respectful leader, and we share similar values, ambitions and goals for life's best experiences. Karen is my sounding board. I am not reporting to the principal, priest or parent. I want to share progress with Karen, because she will not judge me. She will listen, guide, and provide me with food for thought. 


I hope that I will be able to give back to Karen as much as she has given and continues to give to me. Thank you, Karen! Thank you, Portlandia! Thank you, Dress for Success!"


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