Portlandia Newsletter for April, 2012
Portlandia Club Newsletter for April, 2012   
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Portlandia After Hours

Thursday, April 24

6:30 to 8:30 p.m.


Insights to Health

2929 SW Multnomah Blvd.

Suite 302

Portland OR 97219

$12 Members / $15 Guests

Refreshments including wine and appetizers


See article at right below for an In-Person Portlandia story related to this event.



May Luncheon

Guest Speaker: 

Bethanne Kronick


Thursday, May 3

11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Portland City Grill


Jefferson Room

111 SW 5th Ave 30th Floor

Portland, Oregon 97204

$25 Members / $15 Guests

$10 Beverage Service

(Note: After April 30, only beverage service can be reserved, on a first-come, first-served basis.)


See article at top right for background on Bethanne Kronick.


 Board of Directors


 Board Officers
President Janis Collins

Vice-President Kim Megorden
Secretary Mary Golden
Treasurer Julia Fitzgerald
Past President Marilyn Mays
Historian Edrie Bizak
Board Members
Rhonda Martini
Pam Mason
Hannah Mast
Gloria Nussbaum
Samantha Phenix
Jean Silver
Board Meetings
4th Thursday of each month
11:30 to 1 p.m.
Beaverton Library
12375 SW 5th Ave
Beaverton Oregon 97005
On the Board Beat
updates from Portlandia's leadership teams


It was a "Runaway" Competition for Website

The unanimous board selection to build a new Portlandia website is Super Runaway web designers and developers. The new site is expected to be in operation by summer 2012, featuring an easy-to-navigate design with many new features and improved functionality.


Marketing/PR Team Leader Announced

Grace Ishida, who recently joined the Portlandia Board of Directors, will now head up our marketing and publicity efforts. Grace works in sales and marketing for Kaiser Permanente.


Portlandia Written Policies now in the Making

The board is drafting policy documents that spell out everything from how speakers are chosen to the distribution of scholarship funds.


Scoops for Scholarships

The annual fundraiser at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts will be June 22, 23 & 24. Volunteers are needed to help scoop ice cream! Watch for an email to sign up for a shift or two. All proceeds will go towards the benefit of Portlandia's "contribute" mission and help fund our scholarship donations to women in need in our community. Donations to defray costs are welcome.


Networking Derby Tops Attendance Records

Our luncheon networking derby April 5 was a huge success--we had to convert a display table to accommodate the last of the 51 attendees. Thanks Mary Golden and Rhonda Martini for registration and Gloria Nussbaum for the derby logistics.


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Mission Statement 

Portlandia Club provides services and opportunities to enhance members' professional and personal lives. The club has an open membership policy, an active mentorship program, and a commitment to community service. We provide scholarships and funds for women and children who need a hand.

Practically speaking, an inspiration!
by Gloria Nussbaum

She grew up thirty miles from New York City in Westfield, New Jersey; loves coffee ice cream; was a rehabilitation teacher for the blind; and now helps people get more out of their lives. Who is she? Meet Bethanne Kronick, speaker for the Portlandia luncheon on Thursday, May 3.


Bethanne Kronick, Speaker for May 2012 Luncheon

How did she end in the Pacific Northwest? "Progressively, via Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Europe, and Colorado, finally arriving in Oregon for a job," Bethanne replies. After many years working with children and adults at the Oregon Commission for the Blind, and following a traumatic event that changed her life, Bethanne took time out to regroup and figure out what she most liked to do.


In 2002 she started her company, SIMPLIFY! Her timing was impeccable because, as Bethanne says, "this was the start of the organizing craze and I got in on the ground floor." Bethanne's presentation for Portlandia will guide attendees to "Take Control of Your Time and Get More Out of Life... Passionately!" She is excited about providing information both practical and inspirational.


Bethanne was recently selected in a nationwide search to be included in a new book, Mastering the Art of Success, featuring best-selling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul), and Les Brown (The Power of Purpose). Bethanne joins these well-known authors and others who offer time-tested strategies for success in frank and intimate interviews. Copies will be available for purchase at May's luncheon.


To hear Bethanne Kronick, reserve your place now for the May 3rd luncheon at the Portlandia website, or check out the details in the sidebar of this newsletter. You may also learn about Bethanne on the SIMPLIFY! website.


Hard-Headed Portlandian Sees Light  
a personal story by Rhonda Martini


At our next Portlandia After Hours on April 24 (details in Events sidebar box), Dr. Gil Winkelman will offer a short  overview of Neurofeedback, which practitioners at Insights to Health draw upon to treat myriad health conditions, especially head trauma.


Dr. Gil also volunteers with returning war veterans using Neurofeedback, which I found very impressive. He explained that head injuries are directly related to illnesses of the digestive system. In fact, some refer to the colon as the second brain. This was when I had a huge A-HA moment!


When I was five years old I fell off a two-story building and landed on my head. About nine years ago, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Dr. Christie Winkelman at Insights to Health told me that, yes, a childhood head could lead to a disease of the intestinal tract in adulthood.


I have tried every type of treatment, Eastern and Western, because of some pretty severe flare-ups with the colitis. This is the first time I've heard of something that might get to the root of the problem without a lot of drugs. Needless to say, there is definitely going to be some Neurofeedback in my future!


Visit the Insights to Health website, and come to our next Portlandia After Hours. I think you'll feel some of the same passion for helping people change the quality of their lives that I've found with Dr. Gil and Dr. Christie.

Mentorship Moment 
with Pamela Jeanne


"My mentor provides positive reinforcement and encouragement as I make progress on my goals. As I approach new levels of achievement, she briefly walks me through possible dialogue, scenarios, and/or outcomes so I am more prepared to venture into unknown territory. Light rewiring of thought processes is provided as needed. Having someone who is judgment-free sharing strategies means I have a better understanding of what's to come, have motivation to set new goals and report achievements, and feel more supported. It's great!"


This is a direct quote from the mentee I am honored to be currently working with, a young woman named Julie. As a college graduate, Julie has good writing skills and wants to focus on grant writing. But her various part-time jobs are pulling her in a different directions. As she said in her quote "light rewiring of thought processes" has made a big difference in her career direction.


On one of our first meetings I brought up the idea of doing a vision board. Julie looked at me with puzzlement. She said she was game, but I could tell she was skeptical. Well, within one month of that conversation, she attended a Dress for Success meeting and the very same idea and activity was encouraged. Voila! She got it.


Visioning has made a great difference in Julie's life. I watch her confidence grow as she steps up asking for the type of work she really wants to pursue. She is meeting her goals and I encouraged her to actually name how much money she really wants to earn. I do have confidence that she will be earning her $60,000 per year!


Mentoring to me is like being a big sister--wanting the women coming behind me to become even more successful than I. Opportunities are growing for women and I feel fulfilled to be a part of that support process.


Contact Pamela Jeanne to learn more about her mentor experience.


Contact Mentor Team leader Kathie England to explore the opportunity of support for a member of the Professional Women's Group at Dress for Success Oregon. If you're a mentor, be sure to check with Kathie about the mentor/mentee hands-on volunteer project at Share Orchards in Vancouver on April 29!


Sponsorships Keep the Giving Going!
Portlandia's 25th Anniversary Gala  


Portlandia will celebrate its 25th anniversary on September 21st at the Governor Hotel, with a theme of "We've Come a Long Way, Baby." Gala Sponsorship donations will support Portlandia scholarship programs, and help us spread the word about what we offer to businesswomen in the greater Portland area.

Four levels of sponsorship for members and the community at large represent excellent opportunities to raise funds and public awareness for Portlandia:

  • Platinum at $2,500 (One available)
  • Gold at $1,000. (Four available) 
  • Silver at $500 (Ten available)
  • Bronze at $100 (Available only to Portlandia members, with just 12 of 25 remaining) 

Here's how to help: If you know someone who might wish to underwrite our group's valuable mission in the community, tell them how gala sponsorship is a great opportunity to support what we do and give them credit, too! If you have not already done so, sign up to be a Bronze sponsor and promote your business at the event.

Contact Erica Risberg for all the detals.  

Welcome to these new Portlandia members!


Lisa Miller is a Certified Hypnotherapist at Calm Center Hypnotherapy and Quality of Life Counseling


Christy Hoffman owns European Wax Center

Save the date: A New Member Reception will be held 6-8 pm on  May 17 at a Portlandia member's home in Lake Oswego. This free event for new and longtime members alike will offer good food, beverages including wine, and a great opportunity to get to know our new members a little better. Details will be posted in the Portlandia website membership area.

Our President's Corner
by Janis Collins   


It's the new Vitamin C  


As it turns out, Portlandia's very foundation is built on the latest brain research. Who knew?


I discovered this quite serendipitously as I was reading a wonderful book by Edward M. Hallowell, MD, entitled Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People. The author holds that the force of positive face-to-face connection with others is the most powerful fuel to reach our peak performance level. I think the women of Portlandia instinctively knew that when they decided the most important things we do as a club are to Connect, Collaborate and Contribute.


Dr. Hallowell goes even further, stating that people who are deprived of human connections in their day to day dealings are actually losing brain cells!"Simply put," he writes, "connecting genuinely with other people makes you smarter, healthier and more productive." He says that the modern paradox is that while we have grown electronically superconnected, we have simultaneously grown emotionally disconnected from each other.


Connecting in person, Dr. Hollowell contends, is the other "Vitamin C," as essential to your health and productivity as ascorbic acid. We can all be proud that for 25 years, Portlandia has been ahead of the curve, providing opportunities to connect -- making us stronger women and better collaborators and contributors!                

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