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Portlandia Club Newsletter for August, 2012   
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Monthly Luncheon


September 6

11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Program: Susan Hoffman, Wieden + Kennedy (see article at right)


Portland City Grill

Jefferson Room

111 SW 5th Ave

30th Floor

Portland, Oregon 97204



$25 Members

$35 Guests


Beverage Service


Please Note:

After Sept. 3, only beverage service reservations will be available, on a first-come, first-served basis.


Register for the Sept. 6 luncheon here!



Portlandia Club 25th Anniversary Gala Celebration


Friday, September 21

6 to 10 p.m.


The Governor Hotel

614 SW 11th Ave

Portland, Oregon 97205


$75 Members & Guests 


Register for the 25th Anniversary Gala here!


Please Note: Registration will be open until Sept. 7. No tickets will be sold at the door.


GalaUpdatesAnniversary Gala 

Contributor Updates



Just a dozen Bronze sponsorships remain for Portlandia's 25th Anniversary Gala. Bronze sponsors, at the $100 level, will be recognized in the printed program and on the centerpieces. Call 917-740-3143 or 917-575-4618, or email Erica Risberg by noon on Friday, August 17 for your sponsorship to appear in the program.


Bronze sponsorships are now open to members and non-members alike. If you know of anyone who might wish to take advantage of this opportunity, send them a quick email today!


We thank the Mill End Store (Gold), Washington Federal Trust (Gold) and Dr. Sheryl Weissman, DDS (Silver) for their Gala sponsorship support. Their contributions to the Portlandia Club Scholarship Fund helps to ensure our commitment to the women and children of Portland will continue in the future. 

(Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsorships are fully tax-deductible.) 


Gift Basket Raffle

There's still time to contribute to the raffle baskets being created for the Gala. Fewer than ten basket sign-ups remain available. Each basket will have a minimum value of $150. Gift certificates or individual items of lesser value can be combined to create baskets, so you can organize a basket with friends or donate individual items. Call 503-781-1729 or email Jean Silver by noon on Friday, August 17 for your donation to be acknowledged in the program.



 Portlandia Board of Directors


 Board Officers
President Janis Collins

Vice-President Kim Megorden
Secretary Mary Golden
Treasurer Julia Fitzgerald
Past President Marilyn Mays
Historian Edrie Bizak
Board Members
Grace Ishida
Rhonda Martini
Pam Mason
Hannah Mast
Samantha Phenix
Jean Silver
Board Meetings
4th Thursday of each month
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Beaverton Library
12375 SW 5th Ave
Beaverton Oregon 97005

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Join Portlandia's biggest party in 25 years!


The Portlandia 25th Anniversary Gala on Friday evening, September 21, at the Governor Hotel will be a time to reunite with longtime friends and make some new ones, too. It's also a chance to introduce our club to coworkers, clients or other professional women in a festive and friendly environment. Bring a guest!


Emcee Shirley Hancock will keep things lively along with DJ Meghan Callahan, who will be spinning hits from the 1980s onward to accompany the fine wining-and-dining. Shimmering silver anniversary decor, and a raffle for baskets with creature-comfort themes, will add to the evening's delights.


If you've been waiting until now to join the action, check out the raffle and sponsorship updates in the sidebar at left. You may register through September 7 for the Portlandia Gala. (Because of the catering agreement, no tickets will be sold online after that or at the doAnniversary Gala Logoor.)


The Portlandia Club 25th Anniversary Gala will be a night to remember. Make the celebration a memory of your own!



Susan Hoffman found greatness.

She just did it! 

Learn how at the September 6 luncheon  

The September Portlandia luncheon program offers a rare opportunity to hear from one of the most prominent leaders in advertising-around the world. From her adventures as the executive creative director in the Amsterdam office of Wieden + Kennedy, to her current position as global creative director with the firm from its headquarters in Portland, Susan Hoffman has had a visionary influence on today's media content and style.


Susan's program title, "My crazy 28 years as a woman and partner at Wieden + Kennedy," sums up her long career, her perspective, and her sense of fun. You won't want to miss this opportunity to learn from an advertising industry insider about how a company builds brand awareness in our noisy, digital world.


(And remember, the September luncheon is right after Labor Day. So, make your reservation early and don't miss the deadline of Monday, September 3!)


Program Speakers Sought for 2013 

Are you an engaging speaker with an informative and inspiring message? Would you like to deliver that message to your fellow Portlandia members? If so, it's time to take action! Applications are now available for 2013 Portlandia luncheon speakers.


In the past, the club had an unwritten policy that members not be luncheon speakers. The Program Team has written a new luncheon program policy that allows up to three Portlandia members a year to be selected from among the speaker applicants. (The new policy is expected to be approved by the board of directors in August.)


Speaker applications are due by November 1 and are now available through Kathie England. The Program Team is also looking for members to serve as reviewers. They will meet just one time to score speaker applications. Those interested in reviewing applications should also contact Kathie.


Mentorship Moment  

Tribute to Portlandia from a Dress for Success Mentee 


In July, this column shared a letter honoring Dress for Success mentee Sonja McKenzie. This month the roles reverse, as we present a letter from Sonja to the Portlandia Board of Directors.  


A year ago when I began planning the Circle of Friends Project, it was my hope to partner with organizations that would not only lend their support to our mission, but also hold the same values that I hold very dear. The values of Portlandia including, collaborating, connecting, and contributing, are also the framework of the Circle of Friends Project.


The mission of the Circle of Friends Project is to provide financial support and resources to two adopted local area shelters in the Portland Metropolitan area. In large part because of Portlandia's financial contribution to the project, both Share Orchard Inn shelter and Bradley Angle shelter and the homeless families they serve will benefit from the improvements made to their facility this year. With your generous donation, we have made beautiful improvements to these facilities that will serve more than 40 families in crisis in 2012.


I want to acknowledge the support and guidance of my Portlandia mentor, Kathie England. She has truly been instrumental in the planning and development of the project. I cannot thank her enough for her support. The hands-on support from Portlandia mentors and mentees who volunteered at both local shelters on our project days is also appreciated!


It is hard to find the words to express my heartfelt gratitude for your support for the Circle of Friends Project. You have been instrumental in helping me achieve a dream of giving back to some amazing organizations that have helped me as a single mom of four children on my journey toward self-sufficiency. Thank you for contributing, collaborating, and connecting with the Circle of Friends Project!


As I work towards developing the Circle of Friends Project into a nonprofit organization, it is my hope that we can continue our collaboration and help additional families in crisis in our community.


Warmest Regards,


Sonja McKenzie

DFSO Delegate 2011 - Circle of Friends Project


Maureen Williams of SendOutCards® dispatched beautiful invitations to all mentees and mentors for the Summer Social on Thursday, August 16, 6 to 8 p.m. at Dress for Success Oregon. We appreciate Maureen's generous support! If you'd like to attend, even if you're not yet a mentor, please RSVP to Kathie England, and do bring something delectable to share. 


Our President's Corner:
Why does Portlandia matter?
by Janis Collins

Toni Bates and a group of like-minded professional women gathered at a NW Portland restaurant in March of 1987. Their goal was to form what businessmen in the Rose City had taken for granted for more than a century: a club where they could meet, conduct business, find support and advance their careers.


For 120 years, the power-brokers of the Arlington Club had excluded women. Now some 50 Portland women were ready to build what they initially called the Women's City Club. They later changed the name to Portlandia Club, inspired by the 5th Avenue statue -a strong woman reaching out.


Some other things changed too. That very year the US Supreme Court ruled that states could force all-men's clubs to accept women. And over time, the Portlandia clubhouse didn't materialize. But the force behind Portlandia remained strong.


Sylvia Clark, who followed Bates as club president, said the heart of Portlandia is really mentoring and camaraderie. "We've made tremendous strides in breaking into a man's world but we're feeling a real need for moral support," she told the Oregonian.


And that seems to me is why our club is still vital in 2012. Today we can join the Arlington, the University and the Rotary clubs. But Portlandia can give us something unique in the way of lasting female friendships, personal and professional support, and mentoring from other women.


Let's cherish that as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Portlandia Club and the strong women who made it happen.  


New Member Welcome 

Kathryn Sheppard

A warm Portlandia welcome to Kathryn Sheppard, a consultant for CAbi Clothing (Carol Anderson by Invitation) who makes her home in Lake Oswego. Kathryn loves learning and sharing ideas, and would be a good person to tell about your latest "great read." Contact Kathy to learn about her business, to go hiking with your dogs, or to trade gardening tips!

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